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2014 Ecology Trip to Drakes Branch 2014 Ecology Trip to Drakes Branch  Randolph-Henry Ecology students participated in a stream study by analyzing the physical, chemical and biological features of the stream near the Drakes Branch ball field.  Students gained a greater knowledge how macro-invertebrates that live in the stream indicate the overall health of the stream.  They were pleased to find many organisms from group 1, which indicate the stream is healthy. 

3 2 years ago
2014 Junior Ring Ceremony 2014 Junior Ring Ceremony    67 2 years ago
2014 Scholastic Bowl Reception 2014 Scholastic Bowl Reception    15 3 years ago
2015 Transition Fair 2015 Transition Fair    34 2 years ago
2016 Homecoming King and Queen 2016 Homecoming King and Queen  King John Walker and Queen Cymirra Shuford  1 8 months ago
2016 Homecoming Prince and Princess 2016 Homecoming Prince and Princess  King Carter Strickland and Princess Takira Jennings  1 8 months ago
2017 After Prom Party 2017 After Prom Party    93 2 months ago
2017 Prom 2017 Prom    112 2 months ago
2017 Senior/Faculty Volleyball Game 2017 Senior/Faculty Volleyball Game    0 5 weeks ago
A. Spencer's Class A. Spencer's Class  Identifying body parts  2 3 years ago
Aaron Brinkley signs with Ferrum College Aaron Brinkley signs with Ferrum College  Senior wide receiver/outside linebacker #8 Aaron Brinkley signed to play for Ferrum College next year.Aaron was responsible for 28 catches for 643 yds and 4 touch downs.He was selected for the All Conference 37 team and the All James River District team.
2 3 years ago
Advanced Tech Classes Advanced Tech Classes  All 13 students enrolled in Advanced Tech classes passed the certification test for iC3 Part 1 Computing Fundamentals.

3 3 years ago
After Prom 2015 After Prom 2015    60 2 years ago
After Prom Party 2016 After Prom Party 2016    74 10 months ago
Agriculture Classes Bottling Honey Agriculture Classes Bottling Honey    11 3 years ago
AR Auction AR Auction  Students read books and take quizzes on them.  They earn points from reading and twice a year the library has an auction.  The students use their points to buy items at the auction.  11 3 years ago
AR Auction-First Semester 2014-15 AR Auction-First Semester 2014-15  Noah Davis, of Carwile Auctions, helped us with the 1st semester AR auction on December 18. The students who participated had fun bidding and spending the points they had earned reading this semester. Many thanks to Carwile Auctions for their many years of support for this project.  7 2 years ago
Archived Group Sports Photos Archived Group Sports Photos    16 2 years ago
Art Students Marble Paper Art Students Marble Paper    10 4 months ago
Barmoy's Gym Class Barmoy's Gym Class    24 10 months ago
Baseball Pictures 2014 Baseball Pictures 2014    36 3 years ago
Baseball-March 2016 Baseball-March 2016    27 10 months ago
Basketball March 2016 Basketball March 2016    60 10 months ago
Beekeeping at RH Beekeeping at RH    16 2 years ago
Beta Helps Meals on Wheels Beta Helps Meals on Wheels  The R-H Beta Club put together 64 goodie bags for the Charlotte Co. Meals on Wheels clients. The students also collected $192.50 in donations to support future community service projects.  Beta Club is an organization designed to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among high school students. Our motto is “Let Us Lead by Serving Others.”  3 8 months ago
Beta Inductions Beta Inductions    82 2 months ago
Biology and Ecology Zoo Trip 2014 Biology and Ecology Zoo Trip 2014  Students from Mrs. Dunnavant’s Ecology and Biology classes ventured to the Metro Richmond Zoo on Thursday, March 27th to explore 150 different species of mammals, birds, and reptiles.  Students enjoyed exploring the park while learning about adaptions and their native countries.    21 3 years ago
Blast from the Past 2014 Blast from the Past 2014    10 2 years ago
Blood Drive February 2016 Blood Drive February 2016    40 10 months ago
Blood Moon Viewers Blood Moon Viewers  Ecology students gathered at R-H this morning to see the phenomenon known as the “blood moon”.  If you were outside this morning at 6:25am, you would have seen a beautiful full crimson colored moon amidst the clouds.
A shout out goes to Carliyah Stovall, Keifer Pennington, Joe Reed, Michelle Anderson, Conner White, David Dews, and  Corinne Hamlett for getting up so early this morning to be here!  We took many pictures, but the moon was hiding behind the clouds. 

1 2 years ago
Blue for Anti-Bullies Awareness Day Blue for Anti-Bullies Awareness Day    18 4 years ago
Boys' Basketball and Cheerleaders Feb 2015 Boys' Basketball and Cheerleaders Feb 2015    328 2 years ago
Brycen Boettcher signs with Randolph-Macon for Tennis Brycen Boettcher signs with Randolph-Macon for Tennis    17 10 months ago
Butterfly Hugs Butterfly Hugs  Students in Art I created butterflies to send to local hospitals. The butterflies are given to patients battling cancer. Students wrote notes on the back of hope and caring.   12 8 months ago
Caleb Elder Visits RH Caleb Elder Visits RH  19 yr old Caleb Elder from Red House, Va (went to Appomattox County Schools) performed on The Voice. He visited RH and sang to students during lunch!   31 3 years ago
Cameron Vassar signs to play Baseball with JMU Cameron Vassar signs to play Baseball with JMU    7 10 months ago
Carpentry Students Build Operation Blessing Box Carpentry Students Build Operation Blessing Box  Randolph-Henry High school carpentry students built a collection bin for Charlotte County Operation Blessing as a community service project.  Students, Sara Garcia, Emily Toombs, Tyler Amos, Connor White Cameron Vassar, and Ethan Reid designed and constructed the building. Thanks to Keysville Building Supply for donating the metal roofing.   1 10 months ago
Clubs and Organizations Clubs and Organizations    28 8 months ago
Coach Barmoy's Class Playing Hockey Coach Barmoy's Class Playing Hockey    14 9 months ago
College Day College Day  Faculty, staff and students show their college or Statesmen spirit!   74 4 years ago
College Door Decoration Winners College Door Decoration Winners    3 4 years ago
Congressman Tom Garrett Speaks to the Senior Class Congressman Tom Garrett Speaks to the Senior Class    6 4 months ago
Cross Country Meet-Oct 22 Cross Country Meet-Oct 22    59 2 years ago
Cross Country-September 2014 Cross Country-September 2014    113 2 years ago
Dajour Davis signs with Averett University for football! Dajour Davis signs with Averett University for football!    26 10 months ago
Dancing for Health Jan. 03 Dancing for Health Jan. 03    17 4 years ago
Dasheckalee Rose signing! Dasheckalee Rose signing!  Congratulations to Mollie Rose for signing with Patrick Henry Community College to play softball!  12 10 months ago
Davis' Class Visiting Moorefield Mines Davis' Class Visiting Moorefield Mines  On November 16, 2015, the  Earth Science students at RHHS conducted a field investigation at the Moorefield Mine in Amelia, VA. Students were given a lesson on mine safety as well as instruction on the types of rocks and minerals they might see while digging. Throughout the morning we discussed important methods for identification such as cleavage, hardness, texture, color, and composition. Students were able to dig, pan, and identify many important silicate minerals as well as igneous and sedimentary rocks common in Virginia. Upon arrival, the students eagerly grabbed shovels and buckets and set out to find the most unusual samples.  Before the trip was over, we filled several gallon sized bags with samples of pegmatite, smoky quartz, quartz, feldspar, amethyst, mica, garnet, green amazonite and even some schist formed from the contact metamorphism of the mine walls. Students also visited the gift shop where they could see large samples of items such as their world famous amazonite, petrified wood, and other valuable resources from all over Virginia. We had such a wonderful experience and look forward to visiting this mine again in the future.   8 10 months ago
Digital Photography Students Visit ELC Digital Photography Students Visit ELC  Students in Mrs. McMillan’s Digital Photography class visited the students at ELC. They talked about careers in photography and helped the students take pictures around their building.   66 4 years ago
Distracted Driving Seminar Distracted Driving Seminar    49 2 months ago
Donkey Basketball Donkey Basketball    56 3 years ago
Dress for Success 2014 Dress for Success 2014    3 2 years ago
Dunnavant's Class Saving the Gummy Worm Dunnavant's Class Saving the Gummy Worm    6 10 months ago
Ecology Club Ecology Club  The Ecology club traveled to Wayland Nursing Home in Keysville to deliver gifts, sing songs, and spread a little cheer. The snack cart fundraiser from the fall enabled them to purchase many personal care items for the residents.  All of the items were wrapped using recycled or   repurposed materials such as soup cans, boxes, milk jugs , newspaper, and shredded paper.  Students sang  the “Earth Promise Song” and “My World” ( to the tune of “My Girl”) which seemed to be the crowd favorite. Afterwards, they took requests from the residents and sang any songs they wanted to hear. It was a very fun and uplifting experience for all.  Due to HIPPA law we couldn’t share photos of the residents receiving their gifts, but there are a few photos of the students. In all, they prepared and delivered 24 gift boxes/baskets.   4 10 months ago
Ecology Club Roadside Litter Clean up Ecology Club Roadside Litter Clean up  Several members of the R-H Ecology Club gathered after school on Thursday, October 22nd to pick up roadside litter.  Recyclables were separated from trash and students had a great time working together in an effort to clean up our community.    4 10 months ago
Ecology club trash pick up Ecology club trash pick up  Ecology Club members and friends gathered together after school on November 8th to pick up trash.  During the first club meeting, members decided, among many other suggested activities for the school year, that there was definitely a need in the community for volunteers to clean up along the sides of the roadways.  Traveling by school bus and geared with orange safety vests, trash bags and recycling bags, Randolph-Henry students went a short distance before they noticed a place that needed attention just north of the highschool on route 47.  Tossed out items were collected and sorted into orange trash bags and blue recycling bags in an effort to make our community a little cleaner and better for the next generation.
Volunteers:  Students- Amber Newcomb, William Wray, Lamont Harris, Tiffany Gee, Christin Conkwright, Charlotte Adams, Riley Poling, Tilly Patterson, Lashonda Taylor, Alexis Adams, Todd Adams, Josh Lacks, Tom Walsh, Shaquitta Jennings, Alicia Cisco, Jerry Steig and sponsors- Billy Catron, Leslie Poling, Pam Dunnavant
4 4 years ago
Ecology Students make Household Cleaners Ecology Students make Household Cleaners  Ecology students researched how to make cleaners that are not harmful to the environment.  In doing so, they found that common household substances like vinegar, lemons, and  baking soda are not only inexpensive, they also make great cleaners.  Students decided to actually make their favorite eco-friendly cleaner. Baby food jars were reused as containers to hold the cleaners an once completed, the cleaners were offered to the Statesmen students and staff to try.  Each container displayed the recipe with the expectation that people will make these cleaners and use eco-friendly cleaners as opposed to store bought cleaners.

2 3 years ago
Econ and Personal Fin.-Mini Economy Activity-Mrs. Pillow Econ and Personal Fin.-Mini Economy Activity-Mrs. Pillow  Students work in teams of four.  They choose a snack to purchase and resell to the class. They will set the price and create an advertisement to display at their station. Students are asked to bring in $1.00 to spend.  There are three rounds of simulated economy.  In the command economy the government tells the buyers what they can purchase and at what price.  During the free market round students are able to raise or lower their prices based on supply and demand, as well as, buyers and sellers exercise voluntary exchange.  For the final round students from other areas of the building are invited to the market to simulate globalization. 

When the market closes, each team will total their revenue and subtract their expenses.  The team will equally divide the profit.  To complete the activity students will report aspects of supply and demand, shortage or surplus, profit, consumer preferences, and individual decisions made as a consumer.

This activity is fun and students experience principles of economics, as well as, strengthen teamwork skills.

11 2 years ago
Eric Jones Signs to Garner-Webb Eric Jones Signs to Garner-Webb    3 2 years ago
Fathers/Men Bring Your Child To School Day Fathers/Men Bring Your Child To School Day  Fathers/Men bring your child to school day at Randolph-Henry High School on September 13, 2013, was a great success.  Over thirty-five father figures attended the program, which was spearheaded by Mrs. Karen Pettus Osborne and sponsored by the SCA.  Fathers and their children enjoyed listening to four alumni speakers: Mr. Freddie Stovall, Mr. Eric Brown, Mr. Steven Baker, and Mr. Michael Haskins.  The fathers were challenged not only to remain in the lives of the child sitting beside them, but to also be in the lives of a child who does not have a male figure in his/her life.  The event concluded with each father figure walking his child to his/her classroom and attending a breakfast in the library.  23 4 years ago
FBLA trip to Kings Dominion FBLA trip to Kings Dominion    16 2 years ago
FFA Students Win at the State Fair! FFA Students Win at the State Fair!    3 8 months ago
First Day of School 2014-15 First Day of School 2014-15  Lots of smiles!  I think they missed us!  We're going to have a great year!  32 2 years ago
Flying Balloons at Governor's School Flying Balloons at Governor's School    23 2 years ago
Football and Band September 2014 Football and Band September 2014    144 2 years ago
Football Game-Sept. 28 Football Game-Sept. 28  Tail Gate Party and Varsity Football game against Amelia.  53 4 years ago
Forensics and Debate 2014 Forensics and Debate 2014    22 3 years ago
Forestry Dept visits Ecology Classes Forestry Dept visits Ecology Classes  Thomas Reeves, from the Charlotte County Forestry Department, visited Mrs. Dunnavant's Ecology classes to discuss the forestry industry and its importance to our area and the state.  This directly tied in to students learning about the importance of economics and  protecting the environment.  He explained the importance of balancing both in an effort to support sustainability.

1 3 years ago
Freshmen Orientation Freshmen Orientation  Thursday, July 21 - 22  29 10 months ago
Gear Up Week Photo Booth Gear Up Week Photo Booth    35 9 months ago
Genetic Babies in Biology Genetic Babies in Biology  Mrs. Dunnavant’s Biology Students made “Genetic Babies”
Recently, in Biology class, students worked in pairs to better understand how traits are passed down from parent to child.  Using different coins to represent the sex cells, which contain the traits from the mother and father, the “mother and father” flipped their coins to determine each trait given to form the genotype of the baby. 
Students made a portrait of their baby as a teenager, drawing the traits that were inherited (the phenotypes).  Face shape, nose shape, eye shape and color are all determined by the traits passed down from the parents. Students gained a better understanding of the principles of genetics, while participating in a fun activity that promoted communication, collaboration, and critical thinking.

Pictured are Katie Garnett and Amanda Elsaesser with their genetic baby.
1 4 years ago
Girls' Basketball 2014 Girls' Basketball 2014  Senior Night for Girls' Basketball  65 3 years ago
Golf Team 2014-15 Golf Team 2014-15    1 2 years ago
Graduation 2015 Graduation 2015    8 2 years ago
Graduation 2017 Graduation 2017    156 4 weeks ago
Guest Speaker, Daryl Ross Guest Speaker, Daryl Ross    29 4 years ago
Halloween 2014 Halloween 2014    67 2 years ago
Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015    27 10 months ago
Halloween 2016 Halloween 2016    23 8 months ago
Holey Jean and Hat Day Holey Jean and Hat Day    36 4 years ago
Holliday Lake November 2014 Biology Trip Holliday Lake November 2014 Biology Trip    5 2 years ago
Homecoming 2016 Court Homecoming 2016 Court  Front: Jalin Watson, Dominique Dews,  Casey Early, Franklin Morton, Tyrik Beattie. Second Row: Jessica Saunders, Travis Hensley, Hayley Conwell, Cymira Shuford, Anne Sandridge, Carter Strickland.  Back: Jade Neal, Lizzie Powell, John Walker, Jamie Pata, Dennis Staten.  Not Pictured: Brooke Stoots, Takira Jennings, Eli Moore, Kendrik Goldman.  1 8 months ago
Homecoming Day 2015-Blue & White Day Homecoming Day 2015-Blue & White Day    265 6 months ago
Homecoming Merica Monday-2016 Homecoming Merica Monday-2016    20 8 months ago
Homecoming Parade 2014 Homecoming Parade 2014    159 2 years ago
Homecoming Pep Rally 2014 Homecoming Pep Rally 2014    117 2 years ago
Homecoming TBT 2016 Homecoming TBT 2016  Throw Back Thursday  12 8 months ago
Homecoming Tie-Dye Tuesday 2016 Homecoming Tie-Dye Tuesday 2016    16 8 months ago
Homecoming Week-Team Day 2014 Homecoming Week-Team Day 2014    9 2 years ago
Homecoming What Character/Wear Orange Day 2016 Homecoming What Character/Wear Orange Day 2016  What Character or Wear Orange for Anti-Bullying Day  14 8 months ago
Homecoming White Out Day 2016 Homecoming White Out Day 2016    6 8 months ago
Horticulture's Spring Planting 2014 Horticulture's Spring Planting 2014  Horticulture students have been working hard this Spring getting ready for the Spring Plant sale and making wreaths to sell!  7 3 years ago
Hula Hoop Challenge-Barmoy Hula Hoop Challenge-Barmoy  This is a team building activity that was done in P.E. in Mr. Barmoy's class.  The object was to get the hula hoops back where they started without unlocking hands or the hula hoops touching the ground.  1 10 months ago
IC3 Certification-Mrs. Pillow's Class IC3 Certification-Mrs. Pillow's Class    2 2 years ago
icon icon    4 7 months ago
IT Fundamentals IT Fundamentals  The students in Mrs. Pillow's IT Fundamentals experience virtual reality in a simple, fun, and affordable way. The cardboard viewers are paired with their smartphones for virtual field trips and real life experiences.  The students were asked to find examples of using virtual reality in education,  medicine, and entertainment .    9 9 months ago
J. Owen's Class watching Drone Presentation J. Owen's Class watching Drone Presentation    3 5 months ago
Joseph Reed Signs with UVA Joseph Reed Signs with UVA    66 10 months ago
Junior Ring Ceremony Junior Ring Ceremony    77 3 years ago
Junior Ring Ceremony Dec. 18 Junior Ring Ceremony Dec. 18    187 10 months ago
JV Baseball-March 2015 JV Baseball-March 2015    96 2 years ago
Maggie Adams signing with Longwood University to play golf this fall. Maggie Adams signing with Longwood University to play golf this fall.    10 10 months ago
Marching Statesmen-Grand Champions for Class A and AA at Glenvar Competition-Sept 24 Marching Statesmen-Grand Champions for Class A and AA at Glenvar Competition-Sept 24    1 9 months ago
Mask Making in Ms.Ketchum's Class Mask Making in Ms.Ketchum's Class  Mask making in Theatre Class  10 4 years ago
Math Family Night-September 2014 Math Family Night-September 2014    25 2 years ago
Microsoft Certification Test Results Microsoft Certification Test Results  Ms. Osborne's 2nd Block Web Tech and Advance Web Tech students who are certified in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013.  The entire class is certified!
L to R first row: Alexis Dewberry, Mikaela Nelson, Katelyn Powers, Quenisha Pleasant, Desha Guest, Adrianne Nelson, Ralisea Currin, Takia Wade, and Jaliyah Walton.
L to R second row: Christopher Redd, Jalin Watson, Christopher Nichols, Jaamal Davis, Jasmine Parker, LaQuanda Lee, Michael Marshall, and Haley Duffie.
L to R third row: Cedric Patrick, Samuel Williams, Joseph Redd, Franklin Morton, Jr., Jason Kennon, and Terell Bruce.
Perfect scores of 1,000 in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
L to R: LaQuanda Lee, Jaliyah Walton and Takia Wade with teacher Ms. Karen Pettus Osborne
Ms. Osborne's 3rd Block Computer Information System students who are certified in Microsoft Office Word 2013.
L to R first row:  Alexander Schwartz, Carletta Anderson, Desiree Wade, Xavier Eubanks, JaKya Pettus, Jordan Roberts, and Roger Currin,
L to R 2nd row:  Tyler Grieb, John Chaney, Larkin Jackson, Diante Rawls, Joshua Turner, Nedra Davis, Charles Smith, Jashon Puryear, and John Davis.  Not pictured Austin Lockridge and Sara Marston.
Students complete bookwork, projects, and online training to complete the 50 minute Microsoft Office Test.  Students must receive a 700 to pass the test with 1,000 being the highest score.  This makes a total of six students this school year who have received a perfect score and two entire classes that are certified under the instruction of Ms. Karen Pettus Osborne.
3 10 months ago
More Graduation 2017 More Graduation 2017    92 2 weeks ago
Mr. Cumbie's Class landscaping behind the Public Library. Mr. Cumbie's Class landscaping behind the Public Library.  The class is working on restoring the colonial revival garden that was put in when the library was built in 1938.  50 10 months ago
Mr. Pugh's New Babies Mr. Pugh's New Babies  New baby calves born at Randolph-Henry!  3 9 months ago
Mrs. Davis' Class-Learn about the nature of science. Mrs. Davis' Class-Learn about the nature of science.  -Aluminum foil activity to discuss the nature of science.   (Science is most like a…………because……….. ) 
-Pet Rock and Candy Bar Density Lab – Students are calculating the mass, volume, and density of common objects.

8 10 months ago
Mrs. E. Davis' Earth Science Class Mrs. E. Davis' Earth Science Class  Students had to respond to the analogy,” Science is most like a ________ because……” on a notecard. Afterwards, students had to create their object using only one sheet of aluminum foil. Other photos are of students conducting their first lab of the year. They calculated the mass, volume and density of various objects such as candy bars and their “Pet rocks”.   6 2 years ago
Mrs. N. Harris' Health Class-Jan. 2015 Mrs. N. Harris' Health Class-Jan. 2015    34 2 years ago
Mrs. Osborne's Web Tech Class and 3D Printer Mrs. Osborne's Web Tech Class and 3D Printer  SVCC allowed Mrs. Osborne's Web Tech and Multimedia Software to experiment with their 3D printer!  Students designed a miniature iPad holder.  Some were able to place their cell phones in the holder.
7 3 years ago
Mrs. P. Dunnavant's Advanced Biology Class Mrs. P. Dunnavant's Advanced Biology Class  Advanced Biology students collaborating to save Sam, the gummy worm, using the scientific method.    1 10 months ago
Mrs. Pillow's Economics and Personal Finance Mrs. Pillow's Economics and Personal Finance  Mrs. Sherri Pillow's class visited Tri-County Ford.  4 2 years ago
Mrs. Tharpe's Thanksgiving Brunch 2016 Mrs. Tharpe's Thanksgiving Brunch 2016    7 7 months ago
Mrs.Dunnavant's Experiments Mrs.Dunnavant's Experiments  Students doing a Biology DNA extraction experiment.  4 3 years ago
Ms. Osborne's Teachers for Tomorrow Group Ms. Osborne's Teachers for Tomorrow Group  Ms. Karen Osborne's Teachers for Tomorrow students visited Phenix Elementary School. The students really enjoyed spending time with the younger ones.  1 3 years ago
P. Dunnavant's Field Trip 9/12 P. Dunnavant's Field Trip 9/12  Mrs. Pam Dunnavant’s Ecology students traveled seven miles to a local stream to experience hands on research to compliment classroom instruction.  The stream monitored is a tributary of Twitty’s Creek which is on the list of streams currently being evaluated for TDML (total maximum daily load) in Virginia.  This field trip is part of an ongoing semester program between Randolph- Henry High School, the Southside Soil and Water District, as well as the Charlotte County Extension office.

Arriving to the site, the students were both excited and hesitant as they unloaded the bus.  Students were given the opportunity to visually, chemically, and biologically monitor the stream to determine its overall health.  The history of the stream was explained by Bob Jones, Extension Agent, and chemical tests discussed by Patricia Mays and Julie Hamlett, representatives of SSWD.  Jonathan Wooldridge, SSWD Representative, assisted students in actively searching for organisms in the stream.

As with any field experience, it is always a mystery as to what will be found, but an array of  macro invertebrates and other organisms were caught by ambitious students, while their fellow classmates anxiously watched them from the stream banks or the bridge. Using nets on long poles, seigns,  and bare hands, students discovered dragon flies, scuds, snails, fresh water mussels, water pennies, caddisflies, dobsonflies and crayfish, as well as minnows, frogs, and water striders .

Possible pollution sources were discussed including factors that would affect the pH, turbidity, phosphorus levels, nitrogen levels and dissolved oxygen levels.  Vocabulary words and lecture notes came to life as the tests were performed in a real world situation  and at a local stream where neighboring students lived.

After returning to the classroom, students created  display boards to document their findings and further research factors that affect the health of streams.  Everyone who attended thoroughly enjoyed this meaningful watershed experience and the hands on learning opportunity while making community connections.

64 4 years ago
Pageant Winners Pageant Winners    1 4 years ago
Phelps' Geometry Class Phelps' Geometry Class  Geometry students working on Origami for Quadrilateral unit.  1 4 years ago
Pi Day in Math Class! Pi Day in Math Class!    21 10 months ago
Pinwheels for Peace Pinwheels for Peace  International Day of Peace was September 21, 2016. Art I students designed peace pinwheels and placed them in the library. The also painted Peace Rocks to pass on to friends and family.   21 9 months ago
Planting flowers at the baseball field! Planting flowers at the baseball field!    26 10 months ago
Pond Investigation Pond Investigation  Students in Mrs. Davis' class made a splash in their own backyard by conducting a field investigation into the quality of our pond water. By using electronic veneers, students tested the water for PH, dissolved oxygen, and water temperature.  By lowering a secchi disc into the water they also determined the turbidity of the pond water to access if proper light could penetrate and allow plant growth. Conducting tests such as these help students to monitor effects of local pollution and run off in our fresh water systems.  3 10 months ago
Prom 2014 Prom 2014    444 3 years ago
Prom 2015-Congratulations to the Prom King and Queen!-Keifer Pennington and Alyx Thore Prom 2015-Congratulations to the Prom King and Queen!-Keifer Pennington and Alyx Thore    129 2 years ago
Prom 2016 Prom 2016    146 10 months ago
Prom Cut Out Pictures Prom Cut Out Pictures    26 10 months ago
Randolph-Henry Theatre-Competition Play Randolph-Henry Theatre-Competition Play    5 10 months ago
Retired Teacher Luncheon Nov. 2014 Retired Teacher Luncheon Nov. 2014  Several students gave presentations to the group before the meal.  It was wonderful having this group of ladies and gentlemen visiting in our school!  Thank you to the students for your presentations!  Also, thank you to the Retired Teachers for coming!  26 2 years ago
R-H Land Lab R-H Land Lab  A beautiful morning at the land lab.    1 2 years ago
RHHS Advanced Technology Students Earn Dell Certifications RHHS Advanced Technology Students Earn Dell Certifications  Students enrolled in the Advanced Technology Course at Randolph Henry High School recently earned their Dell Certifications in Desktops, Notebooks, and Printers. To achieve these certifications, they completed Dell's online program study guide and passed the certification test in each area.  This gives them the knowledge and ability to work on the dell equipment in the school system.  Hands on experience is part of the class which provides them with real-world skills they will use to obtain jobs and will be included on their college applications.  Pictured below are the RHHS Advanced Technology Students.

5 3 years ago
RHHS Faculty & Staff RHHS Faculty & Staff    2 7 months ago
Ring Ceremony - Junior Class Ring Ceremony - Junior Class    96 6 months ago
Scholastic Bowl Reception 2016 Scholastic Bowl Reception 2016    25 10 months ago
School School    1 9 years ago
School Picture School Picture    1 2 years ago
Science classes visit Washington, DC Science classes visit Washington, DC    2 3 years ago
Senior - Faculty Basketball Game Senior - Faculty Basketball Game    85 6 months ago
Senior vs Faculty Volleyball Game Senior vs Faculty Volleyball Game    52 4 years ago
Senior Walk - Prom 2015 Senior Walk - Prom 2015    74 2 years ago
Solar System-Mrs. Davis' Class Solar System-Mrs. Davis' Class  This week the Earth Science students are differentiating between the planets in our Solar System by participating in a presidential election. Students selected a planet of their choosing and became the campaign manager for their “Planet for President”. Throughout the project students were asked to draw a detailed  picture of their planet, create a campaign slogan, research their planet to come up with 10 interesting facts, identify their planet’s location in the solar system, and write a 1 page campaign speech advocating for why their planet is the most logical choice against all others. Many students also created models and power point presentations to accompany their speech. Afterwards, students went outside for a solar system scavenger hunt to locate and answer 18 astronomy trivia questions.

6 10 months ago
Southside Soil and Water visits Ecology Classes Southside Soil and Water visits Ecology Classes  The RHHS Ecology classes had guest speakers from the Southside Soil and Water office who demonstrated important concepts related to forestry, water quality, oil spills and pollution.

4 10 months ago
Spanish Class Art Reception Spanish Class Art Reception    18 3 years ago
Special Olympics Basketball-Jan.2015 Special Olympics Basketball-Jan.2015    46 2 years ago
Spirit Week 2015-America Monday Spirit Week 2015-America Monday  Red, White and Blue   26 10 months ago
Spirit Week 2015-Door Decorating Contest Spirit Week 2015-Door Decorating Contest    26 10 months ago
Spirit Week 2015-Super Heroes Spirit Week 2015-Super Heroes    5 10 months ago
Spring Plant Sale 2014 Spring Plant Sale 2014  Students plant flowers to sell in the horticulture department.  1 3 years ago
Students and Staff Working Together! Students and Staff Working Together!    11 2 years ago
Students scoring a perfect 600 on SOLs Students scoring a perfect 600 on SOLs    1 3 years ago
Taking Care of the Bees at R-H Taking Care of the Bees at R-H    22 9 months ago
Tallest Tower Activity-Mrs. Pillow's Class Tallest Tower Activity-Mrs. Pillow's Class    10 2 years ago
The Class of 2017 The Class of 2017    1 5 weeks ago
Theatre practicing for "Cinderella" Theatre practicing for "Cinderella"    7 3 years ago
Theatre presenting Peter Pan Theatre presenting Peter Pan    6 2 years ago
Theatre-Regionals 2014-15 Theatre-Regionals 2014-15    5 2 years ago
Theatre-Wiley and the Hairy Man 2014 Theatre-Wiley and the Hairy Man 2014    32 2 years ago
Track Meet-May 4 2016 Track Meet-May 4 2016  Pictured is freshman Dajah White who is leading the Statesman Girl's Track Team in the middle and long distance running events. 
Anisha Marable another freshman who's dominating the 400 meter run and pulling the team in the 4x400 relay.  Rebecca Bryant is a senior who is claiming her spot in the 400 meter run and new to the 4x400 relay team.
3 10 months ago
Transition Fair 2016 Transition Fair 2016    18 10 months ago
Trip to Museum-December 2015 Trip to Museum-December 2015    4 10 months ago
Valentine's Day 2017 Valentine's Day 2017    51 4 months ago
Varsity Baseball 2015 Varsity Baseball 2015    51 2 years ago
Visitor in Mrs. Graves' Class Visitor in Mrs. Graves' Class  Mr. Robert Laine came to visit Mrs. Grave's Class to teach them more about Stocks and Investments.  4 3 years ago
Volleyball and Crab Volleyball Feb 2016 Volleyball and Crab Volleyball Feb 2016  Mr. Barmoy's Class  19 10 months ago
Wacky Tacky Day 2014 Wacky Tacky Day 2014    25 2 years ago
Water Purification Lab Water Purification Lab  The RHHS Earth Science classes really “cleaned up their act” with this water purification lab. As a class, students transformed muddy water into crystal clear drinking water through modeling the processes of aeration, coagulation, sedimentation, and filtration. The water filter was constructed from a 2 liter soda bottle, sand, gravel, and a coffee filter. Students were able to observe how each step is critical to the end result of achieving drinkable water.   1 10 months ago
Wear Orange For Anti-Bullying Day! Wear Orange For Anti-Bullying Day!    21 10 months ago
Weightlifting November 2016 Weightlifting November 2016    10 7 months ago
Winning Artists Winning Artists  Congratulations to the art students that had work selected by Charlotte County's Woman's Club to compete at Sweet Briar on March 18.  James Bouie received a first place on two pieces, Paul Wendelin received a second place, and Casey Early received a third place. Artwork is on display in the main office.   4 3 months ago
Wrestling-Courthouse Classic-Jan 16 2016 Wrestling-Courthouse Classic-Jan 16 2016    5 10 months ago
Wrestling-December 2014 Wrestling-December 2014    49 2 years ago


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